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The One Thing I Would Say To New Grads Today- “Learn Nurse-Centered Care”

Here we are at our baby girl’s nursing school graduation.   She’s all grown up again.  This is her second round of graduate school.  Her first was in global health.  And as her fiancé reminded us, this won’t be her last.  She enters into a nursing PhD program this fall, after their  wedding and relocation. […]

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Caring Literacy – Gives Us Words to Describe High Touch

I had a wonderful time presenting at the San Diego Professional Palliative Care Conference yesterday.  Being around likeminded people is always a boost.  My Talk:  Caring Literacy Changes Everyone. The hospice and palliative caregivers are the leaders of High Touch in our healthcare industry.  But they too are buried in the logistics of their work— regulations, […]

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